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Willpower is a trash concept.

Understanding exercise and nutrition, making a plan, and then executing a plan involves a lot of knowledge and a number of skills.

Understanding appropriate food quality and quantity, hunger cues, navigating social situations, managing stress, food preparation skills, scheduling time for daily movement are all skills. Skills that can be developed.

So what, exactly, does willpower have to do with anything?

Let’s put this in the context of another skill. How would I learn how to play an instrument? Should I “willpower” myself into being a concert pianist? Or should I take lessons, learn music theory, practice scales, and eventually I’ll plunk out “heart and soul” and move on from there? With most things, we learn, practice, fail, and learn again. Right?

So why don’t we see nutrition and fitness this way? We look for the perfect diet or exercise program instead of looking at ourselves, and then we blame ourselves (and our lack of willpower) when the perfect diet or exercise program doesn’t yield results.

Willpower is a trash concept. What skills are you missing, and how can you sharpen them?

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