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Kid Concepts

When I was a kid, I needed some rules for what I should and shouldn’t do. So mom gave me some for school, on the playground, or at a friends house. They served me well, because I hadn’t developed a gauge for appropriate behavior yet.

“I can’t”, “I should”, and “I’m supposed to” are somewhat necessary kid concepts. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that those concepts have an expiration date. Kid concepts don’t really help us past childhood and they actually hold us back if we keep them into adulthood.

Adult concepts include things like “I need more information”, “these are my priorities right now”, and “I’m noticing this pattern”.

The fitness industry sometimes reinforces kid concepts. Things like “I can’t have ice cream unless I run today”, or “My trainer says I’m supposed to eat more protein” are uttered in gyms throughout America. This language actually keeps people stuck in adolescence when it comes to really caring for themselves.

What if, as adults, we gave up "I can't" "I should", and "I'm supposed to?" What if our language reflected the adult concepts we use in so many other parts of our life? We would be staying things like, “I’m prioritizing my own strength so I’m finding ways to eat more protein” or “I’m noticing this pattern of rewarding myself with food so I'm going to address that." We would basically be walking around making choices that are good for us because they’re good for us.

Sounds pretty grown-up, right?

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