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I know what I'm supposed to do...

There's a lot of noise out there about diet and exercise.

Realistically, there is no "perfect plan" for everyone. In fact, most of my clients come to me after they’ve been given meal plans and workout plans that they don't execute.

They often say "I know what I'm supposed to do, why can't I do it?"

In my opinion, it’s because following a diet and exercise plan isn’t the start of the process- it’s the end of the process.

Life can be hectic and stressful. In general, we are overscheduled, taking care of others, or working a ton. Adding a strict diet or intense exercise plan into that is like deciding to learn French while you’re drowning. Or, a more common industry phrase is “mowing the lawn while your house is on fire.”

So the first question to ask isn’t “what diet and exercise plan should I do to lose weight?” Maybe you’ll ask that question eventually, but it’s not the FIRST question.

Here are the real first questions: What is the healthiest version of you? What do you WANT to do to move yourself one step closer to the healthiest version of you? What would you have to change to execute that step?

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