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Benefits and Drawbacks of Diets: part two

The Steadfast Life Diet for Science #3

It's Day 30 of my Diet for Science and I have some updates to share! Just to recap, 1 month ago I began a highly restrictive diet for 90 days. My hopes were:

  1. To see what all the fuss is about. Why do people like these diet things anyway?

  2. At the end, I’d be better able to help people go in or out of highly restrictive diets if that’s what they (or their doctor) wanted.

  3. To challenge myself; to make sure my moderation motto was because that's really what works best- not because I “can’t” go without things. You know, personal growth crap. This one was in the back of my mind at first, but as I go through this experience, it’s quickly becoming the most important aspect to me.

So, after 30 days of Keto, here are some more thoughts:

Benefit 1: I got through my first major holiday of the project: Halloween. It was my first Halloween ever without eating candy. I also flew to a family reunion in California and kept keto for the whole trip, even through pizza night! If it weren’t for this experiment, I would have no idea that I could manage that! Woohoo! I am INVINCIBLE!

Benefit 2: I have very little hunger, or even that feeling that masquerades as hunger when I am in front of the tv at night. Basically, the need to snack is gone. Part of that is wonderful, and part of that is because of the drawback listed next.

Drawback 1: I am really, really sick of eating the same foods. I’ve made so many new recipes (benefit!), but even new recipes can’t hide the fact that I am eating dense, oily foods….all...the...time. I never thought I’d dread eating an avocado, but keto has made it so.

Drawback 2: It’s really difficult to get enough fiber on this diet without getting too many carbs. In fact, it’s really hard to get enough produce in general. I look enviously at my husband as he eats all the broccoli and pears he wants. He has no idea what he has.

Neutral: I did purposely break keto once so far. I had the flu. After a day of being sick and unable to hold anything down, the thought of eating an egg made me want to barf all over again. I tried to be hardcore and have some blackberries, but quickly regretted it. I had a bagel and then got back to keto the following day. Let this serve as my confession.

That’s it for now. Thanks for all the awesome support and feedback so far. I’ll keep you posted over the next 60 days and I’d love to hear more Benefits/Drawbacks of what you’re trying right now.

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