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A Wandering Eye

Are you married? I am. Let me tell you, a lifetime is a long time (don't worry-my husband thinks that joke is funny).

Similarly, a lifetime of healthy eating is a long time.

Let’s face it- a lot of stuff happens throughout the course of life. Stuff like celebrations, vacations, and injuries, just to name a few. Planning these events, or coming out of these events, often leads to a what I call a dietary “wandering eye”.

A “wandering eye” often happens when people are feeling out of control, out of whack, or stalled. They attempt to find something “better” to get results quick, or catch up because they got off track.

When something gets a little dicey, it’s tempting to cheat on a loyal partner like Lifestyle Change with Quick Fix.

“That’s it! Starting tomorrow- 1200 calories, only broccoli and honey!”

“I have a vacation in three weeks and my facebook friend who only eats shrimp looks amazing…”

Quick Fix is so easy and has made big promises! Lifestyle Change isn’t working fast enough!

Listen. Getting off track or getting impatient is totally part of life, but that wandering eye actually SLOWS progress. Even ignoring all the health issues caused by yo-yo dieting, the fads and quick fixes also take up time that could be used on getting back to normal and enjoying life. The idea is to mostly live healthy every day so you don’t have to deal with that stuff anymore. Right?

The truth is a lifetime of health and fitness will lead you to alter your lifestyle and get back on track over and over and OVER AGAIN. And that’s ok- you have a long time to get better at it. A lifetime is a long time.

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